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Product Designer @BookMyShow

A beautiful example of a law of UX in action

How BookMyShow improved the user experience for millions of movie watchers per month


Ratings and Reviews are an integral part of making a buying decision about any product. In the entertainment industry, they are more so relevant because of the short life of content like cinema movies.

No hello from the other side

Anushka: Hey!
User: * no response *

Anushka here was the name given to our conversational chatbot (powered by These type of chatbots have gained too much popularity recently with services like Landbot, Intercom, etc on the rise.

A quick hack to stay productive.

It has been one year since I vowed to use plain-text lists as a hack to increase my goal achievement rates. The outcome was highly positive, and I’d like to tell you what worked for me and what didn’t.

A peek into the mammoth potential inside you.

If I told you that you have got the potential to turn your change-the-world fuc*in-awesome idea into reality, would you care to believe me? If yes, read on …

“You’re never too old to learn something stupid.”

Not so long ago, I made a hard decision and started to travel on the path less taken. I took this decision because I’m genuinely…

* ML = Machine Learning

How it all began …

My love for smart machines started in the days of my childhood, when I used to dream about smart robots transforming the future. This vision became even stronger when I was exposed to wonderful sci-fi movies like I-Robot and Transformers. It was then, when I had decided to go for the STEM fields, and chose Computer Science as the true love of my life. Ever since, that relationship has remained loyal and strong.

Moving on …

Two months have passed since I completed the online offering of Stanford’s machine learning (ML) course. …

Jasdev Singh

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